ProClean Windows

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Jayme is a workhorse! He loves cleaning windows and is an inspiration for any teammate who gets a chance to work with him. Please, Jayme, no more football injuries!


Chandler is a fantastic window cleaner! He consistently shows he cares about the customers he serves. We love his dedication to safety first and showing respect for others. Just don't get in front of him when he kicks the soccer ball!


Henderson is our wisest window cleaner! He is great at commercial window cleaning and has demonstrated excellence in operating our man-lifts. We cannot get enough of his New Jersey accent!


Jhon is another fantastic commercial window cleaner. He consistently shows he cares about the quality of his work and is a pleasure to work with. He loves to "bring home the bacon"... literally!


Rodrigo has been a great asset to the team from the get go! He is very respectful and is always striving to improve his window cleaning skills. We are also grateful to have him on our soccer team - he is lightning on the field!


Josh stays on task like no other. He always goes through great lengths to please our customers. We admire his great attitude and willingness to help others when needed. He is also ProClean Windows' movie buff!


Steven has shown greatness from day one! A few of our most impressive customer reviews have come from his work. His jobs can always be considered well done. He can be caught composing music in his free time and is a computer genius!