You keep your home spick and span. From sweeping and vacuuming to dusting and mopping, you do just about everything imaginable to ensure your home remains your castle. That said, when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your windows?

There’s no question that clean windows can brighten the appearance of your home. But is it really worth outsourcing this task to someone else? Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a professional window washing company in Sandy:

It saves you time

It’s impossible to thoroughly clean your windows in a few minutes. Ask any experienced window washer and they’ll tell you it’s a time-consuming task. Would you rather waste an entire Saturday afternoon cleaning windows or spend it actually doing the things you enjoy?

This is where ProClean Windows comes into play. For years, we’ve helped homeowners in Sandy enjoy sparkly clean windows without having to do the cleaning on their own. When you choose us for residential window cleaning, you take back several hours of your day that can instead be spent running errands, hanging out with your family, or completing other cleaning tasks.

It alerts you to any problems 

Think back to the last time you took a close look at your windows. If you can’t remember, don’t worry, as windows tend to be one of the most overlooked parts of a home.

Keep in mind that a professional window washing company can easily identify sashes that are painted shut, improperly-fitted window screens, wood rot on window sills, damaged windows, and other similar problems. As is the case with the majority of home dilemmas, the sooner you notice that something isn’t right with your windows, the less of an expense it will be to fix. Windows are a vital part of your house in more ways than one.

It takes care of insect nests/infestations

It’s happened to the best of us — we go to clean a window only to be surprised by a bee or wasp nest. Window shutters, in particular, can be a popular spot for bees and hornets, while wasps are known for building paper nests between three-piece storm windows. In any case, an insect infestation can force you to put the brakes on your window cleaning endeavor.

At ProClean Windows, we’ve seen countless insect nests in and around windows. You can count on us to safely dispose of the nest so we can move forward with the task at hand. It’s worth mentioning that the longer you allow insects to wreak havoc on your windows, the more likely your windows will become difficult to operate in the future. 

It extends the life of your windows

Window replacement is an expense that often costs homeowners an arm and a leg. So if you don’t want to replace your current windows anytime soon, it’s important to thoroughly clean them on a regular basis. The team at ProClean Windows can not only restore the glass of your windows, but also shield the glass from damaging cracks and chips.

It keeps you safe

We’re willing to bet you’ve done some creative things in the past to clean those hard-to-reach windows. That said, it’s probably not the best idea to continue testing your luck with wild window cleaning gymnastics. Here at ProClean Windows, we are trained to safely provide the best window cleaning work in Sandy.

Schedule Residential Window Washing In Sandy

Whether you’re tired of cleaning windows yourself or you just noticed your windows are incredibly dirty, ProClean Windows is here to help. In contrast to other local window washing companies, we always make customer satisfaction a top priority. This means showing up on time, working efficiently without sacrificing quality, and answering any questions you may have.

We’re so confident you will love our work that we offer a five-day window cleaning weather guarantee. Basically, if your windows become dirty due to inclement weather within five days of us cleaning your windows, we will clean them again for no additional charge. It’s just one of the many ways ProClean Windows sets the standard for window washing in Sandy.

Reap the benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning service — contact ProClean Windows today!