In our most recent post, we discussed the benefits of hiring a professional window washing company. But now that you’ve decided to put this task in the hands of someone else, how do you avoid hiring the wrong person for the job? Here are five tips for hiring a local window washing company:  

Opt for experience

Everyone has to start somewhere in their line of work. That said, you probably don’t want to take your chances with an inexperienced window washer. After all, how can you be so sure this person has the right equipment and training to get the job done right?

Do yourself a favor and hire a window washer who’s been there and done that. Take the ones at ProClean Windows, for example. We have over 25 years of window cleaning experience and understand what it takes to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Choose one company for all your window cleaning needs  

Not all window washing companies take on both commercial and residential jobs. So if you’re wanting sparkly clean windows at home and your place of business, make things easier on yourself by hiring the same company. Things become complicated in a hurry when you try to juggle conversations with two different window cleaning crews.

Part of what makes us Utah’s Top Rated Local® window cleaners is our versatility. Whether you need us to clean a commercial building or your own residence, ProClean Windows makes the process simple and stress-free. Take a moment to learn more about our commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning services. 

Check their reviews

Just because a company might be experienced and capable of handling all your window cleaning needs doesn’t mean you should automatically hire them. Spend some time reading their reviews and seeing if you notice a trend. The more negative reviews there are, the more you should consider eliminating that business from your list of candidates.

We take a lot of pride in our reviews here at ProClean Widows. Take it from Karl S., who says, “The ProClean crew did a great job on our home windows, both inside and out. They even managed to get rid of some of the adhesives that got left on the windows when they were installed that we couldn’t get off. And they were great to work with!”

Understand their safety standards

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, in particular, safety is an absolute must. It may come as a surprise, though, that not many window washers hold safety certifications. Failing to hire a company that fails to abide by such standards opens up the door to all sorts of liability possibilities.

There’s no need to worry about safety measures with ProClean Windows. Part of what separates us from the competition is that we hold an IWCA High-Rise Certification, as well as a SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) Certification. This basically means we are qualified to clean every building in the state — seriously. 

Request an estimate

Now that you’ve whittled down your list of candidates, you’re just about ready to make a decision. The estimates you receive should ultimately be the deciding factor. Just be wary of what may seem like an abnormally low estimate, as this could be indicative of a company that does less-than-stellar work.

Sandy’s Choice For Window Washing

Are you tired of searching everywhere for a dependable window washing company in Sandy? Look no further than ProClean Windows! As an independently owned and operated business, we have no problem keeping prices low for customers.

We encourage homeowners interested in our residential services to ask about our routine maintenance plan. Choose from weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance schedules — whichever makes the most sense for your needs. 

If you’re a building owner or property manager, we would be happy to discuss our commercial window cleaning options with you. Aside from interior and exterior window cleaning, ProClean Windows also specializes in mineral stain removal, construction cleanup, awning cleaning, and other high-access services. By outsourcing your window cleaning needs, you can get back to focusing on more important matters.

Let our window washers earn your business — contact us today!