01 Rodrigo at Adobe Landscape 2015Welcome to our blog!

In our blog we will be covering topics such as window washing, commercial window cleaning, and residential window cleaning, as well as other subjects we feel are vital to know. At ProClean Windows, located in Sandy, UT, our main focus is to be the primary window cleaning company in the area. We have quality window cleaners who set our business apart from other window washers in the area. We do residential and commercial window washing, too, as well as other services. Read below about how we can improve your life with our window washing services.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our main aim is to create a relationship with our customers. Without a relationship of trust, a partnership is unable to take place, and that’s what we want with our customers: a partnership. Our primary focus is on the customers, and to do that we make sure that our employees are hardworking, exhibit excellent customer service, and provide safe work environments. Our commercial window cleaning services are impeccable, and we promise to demonstrate superior workmanship, consistency, and quality customer service.

How We Are Different

We are not a big corporate company, but ProClean is an independently owned and operated one. Due to the fact that we are independently owned and operated, we are able to provide other benefits that our competition is unable to present. We are able to charge our customers an affordable price that some other companies may not have the ability to do. We are also able to be more compliant with our window washing services. Lastly, we are able to meet our customer’s needs by providing excellent customer service, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, and superior hard work, which means an easy crew to work with, better health benefits, and a job done quickly.

proclean1For more information about window washing, or if you would like to contact us for our services please call (801) 553-6481.